Saturday, February 4, 2012


Brenda Kay Ledford sits on the hood of her daddy's old black 1950's Ford car.

Daddy was a progressive man,
he purchased the first car
in the Matheson Cove,
hauled his family and friends.

He purchased the first car,
a black Model A Ford,
hauled his family and friends,
carried neighbors to the clinic.

A black Model A Ford
led the parade of cars he owned,
he carried neighbors to the clinic,
forded the flooded Hyatt Mill Creek.

The Model A Ford led the parade:
a green Pontiac, VW, Mustang, and Maverick,
he carried neighbors to the clinic,
took pride in his cars.

Disgusted plowing fields with mules
in the Matheson Cove,
Daddy bought the first car,
he was a progressive man.
--Brenda Kay Ledford

Her father was Rev. James Ronda Ledford who grew up in the Matheson Cove in Hayesville, NC.

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